Yoga For Runners

Yoga is extremely beneficial for runners, both from a physical and mental perspective. If practiced regularly it improves flexibility, concentration and self-awareness.


Yoga For Runners is for EVERYONE and ALL LEVELS. It is great for anyone NEW to yoga or anyone who has practiced for years and all levels of runners from the serious to fair-weather!

Runners experience numerous tight muscles which lead to imbalances in the body and increase the risk of injury.


Yoga is the perfect compliment to running; creating body awareness, suppleness in the tissues and flexibility so that the body is able to adapt to new training and recover more quickly.

During the program you will:


  • Discover which yoga poses are best for runners

  • Receive an easy to follow Yoga for Runners Manual

  • Experience the transformational  benefits of yoga

  • Learn how to build core strength and increase the flexibility of the quads, hamstrings and lower back

  • Learn postures for the shoulders, knees and ankles

  • Learn breathing techniques and mind awareness – invaluable for improving concentration on long runs and competitions.

Yoga For Runners is suitable for recreational runners and professional athletes alike who want to learn how to stretch. 

The goal of Yoga For Runners is to allow you to learn at your own pace. You will learn proper alignment of the yoga poses which helps prevent injuries.


Come and begin or enhance your yoga practice with Yoga For Runners now! 


Imagine having more energy, sleeping well and being more productive and focused!

  • RYT200 Yoga Teacher

  • Certified Sport Yoga Instructor

  • Leadership in Running Fitness Coach

  • Member of the Register of Exercise Professionals